252.Bob lalas(non-registered)
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
251.Derek Manuel(non-registered)
I got inspired by your website your pictures are very professional shots.
I found this website tracing owners phone number
This is the very good idea! Just want to say thank you for information, Just continue to the write such a position. I will be your faithful reader. Thank you again.
I met Maddie through Momo - two fabulous doggies. Thank you for sharing your girl with the rest of us. Congratulations on your book.
248.Vivian Rodriguez(non-registered)
I just saw you in the Today show and fell in love with Maddie.
I love the fact you just took off and went around the USA and captured an amazing book.
Congats and may you continue to explore more things with an amazing companion.
We rescued our "Stella" one year ago this week from the Save the Animal's Foundation in Cincinnati. She is about 5 now and has made her Forever home here…there have been lots of issues with her, due to her past experiences, but we are all learning and are working to have her accept people in our "HER" house…which she started objection to, about after being with us about 3 months! We have a 2 yr. old red hound mix that we had when we welcomed Stella to our family. He's a wild hand full and baby at the same time but she puts up with him and even plays energetically. Stella was due to deliver 10 puppies in a kill shelter the week that STAF rescued her and she was the last to be adopted 6 months later when we fell in love with her!! She does no tricks but is still a very Special girl…and beautiful!!
When a dog loves you - they love you with this limitless abandon that is such a gift it almost can't be returned. All of our pets have been rescues and they have been the greatest blessing! We lost our two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Annie at 15 and Spice at 17. I think they tried to hang in there so we wouldn't miss them as much as we do... we now have a very naughty mini dachshund named "Autumn". TROUBLE with more almost love then we can handle ! Love your story, your girl Maddie and your photos! Thank you! Jenn
245.Cincinnati Dog Rescue(non-registered)
I train dogs and run a rescue in Cincinnati. But Maddie hasn't been trained to do this. It appears to be absolutely instinctual. Maddie is naturally pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the photographer (obviously) and a pleased herself to be the focus of such imagery. Kudos Maddie. I am impressed beyond words.
244.Sam Marion(non-registered)
Theron, I too share my life with a Red Tick Coonhound who is a great deal like your friend Maddie. My friend Murphy was a rescue from our local Humane Society here in Tucson. One difference, however. I doubt I could convince my girl to do what Maddie does and clearly seems to enjoy as she has too much a runner's heart. I can clearly see that Maddie so not a "pet" (I hate that word) or an object that is owned. My wife gave me your book for Christmas and I have enjoyed it immensely. Thanks so much!
243.Carolina Wicker(non-registered)
Your pictures made me laugh out loud. Maddie is simply amazing!!!
I love your rescue organization, please let me know if I can be of any help.
I own a dog bed company called Saint Roc . Like you, I am a dog/animal lover and always try to help rescue organizations anyway I can.

Keep up the awesome work!!!!!
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